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What we do:

Enterprise Outsourcing

Back-end, complex, and complete enterprise application development. Our teams have built some of the worlds most scalable systems.

Database Development

Xentio are experts in enterprise database solutions, including transactional systems and data warehousing for enterprise analytics. Hot data, big data, tough data – we’ve done it all. SQL, noSQL, and everything in-between.

Enterprise Mobile

iOS and Android development for enterprise applications. Our teams help power global mobile applications.

Business Analytics

Business intelligence solutions help provide a single view of your enterprise data. We provide consulting, architecture, design, and build for an entire solution, including ETL and analytics.


Business Intelligence

Leverage data into actionable insight


Data Warehouses

The backbone of any enterprise analytics solution


Big Data

Break through the hype & implement with Xentio


Application Development

Rock-solid, scalable, enterprise-ready


Mobile Development

Android and iOS application development


Don’t settle for less – Xentio delivers high quality enterprise development and all-things-database

Product Development

Building products from scratch, or supplementing your product teams. We typically work together, deeply integrated with customer engineering, but sometimes we independently develop complete features and modules for integration into the overall product!

Truly Enterprise

We’re experts at developing custom applications that power critical functions of a business, either for internal or customer requirements. From millions of users to billion-dollar businesses, we build solid and scalable.

Quality assurance

Our independent quality assurance teams provide a whole range of offerings: from assurance planning through to automated and manual testing solutions and services. Our teams can provide stand-alone or integrated quality assurance on all projects.

Data Warehouses

Data Warehouses are anything but inexpensive, which is why – unfortunately – so few enterprises have been able to implement them. Xentio does our best to work with new technologies, combined with our expertise, to reduce this cost significantly. The time of inexpensive enterprise DWH is here!

Flexible Development and MVP

From classic “waterfall” methods to SCRUM and Agile Development methodologies, along with building “Minimum Viable Products” for start-ups, we’re ready to adapt to your preferred approach – or even suggest our own. Our teams are skilled at modern development processes, source control, and project management tools.

SQL and NoSQL Databases

We have experience implementing a range of databases, including traditional SQL databases like MSFT SQL Server and Oracle. We adept at NoSQL technologies, such as Hadoop and Cassandra. We’re also experts with NoSQL analytics databases – such as MammothDB – bringing you business intelligence and DWH solutions that scale inexpensively.

Shine Brighter – What our amazing customers say

By far the best team I've ever worked with. They truly understood the look I was going for and completely nailed it! I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Robert Pilotti, PM (Akonix)

Xentio is a valuable and reliable partner of DHL, and has supported our business and IT initiatives for almost four years, helping both create drive the development of our global data warehouse. Xentio is now an integrated supplier for our BI/DWH solution, providing ongoing updates, extensions, and support.

Pete Bandtock, DHL (VP Finance)

Your guys are just fantastic. I really like how fast they move, their great healthy attitude, and the quality of work they are now producing!

Thuan Pham, CTO (Uber)