Grow with us

Work together with us

We’re always looking for amazing talent and cool people! Please read about our culture – we hire based on shared values. And, if you don’t see an open position that matches your skills, yet want to reach out anyway, simply drop us a message.

Why work at Xentio?

At Xentio, we’re serious about creating and working in a company we love. A company that, thanks to our dedicated tribe of people, will stand the test of time. We accomplish this by investing in each other, being loyal, and being firmly committed to helping people succeed.¬† We’re passionately dedicated to creating an amazing work environment, where we not just spend our time, but enjoy spending it. We believe in our culture and values, and we strive to develop a company where people thrive!

Who we look for:

  • You like our cultural values, and you want to contribute to them;
  • You’re talented;
  • You’re fluent in the technologies that define our world, and passionate about the way they’re shaping the future;
  • You’re a communicator;
  • You’re a creator;
  • You understand how information connects us, and you want to shape the conversation;
  • You’re a restless innovator;
  • You’re not just waiting for the next big idea to happen, you actively want to participate;
  • You’re an experimenter, looking for a place to shine.

In other words, you’re just our type!