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We’re drowning in data, but starving for information. Business intelligence, analytics, the data-warehouses that power them, and the new “big data” technologies, all promise to unleash insight: but the reality is, these solutions are difficult to design and implement. Xentio has been developing and delivering all things data for years – including leveraging new NoSQL technologies, as well as hybrid solutions.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions help provide a single view of your enterprise data. We provide consulting, architecture, design, and build for an entire solution, including ETL and analytics.

Data Warehousing

We are experts at all things database – and can help architect, design, implement, and customize your data-warehouse. The ‘data-warehouse’ is the engine of your Business Analytics and Intelligence solution.

Big Data

There’s a lot of buzz around the term “big data” – but we can help separate the hype from the reality. We’re experts at both SQL and NoSQL database solutions, and even with hybrid solutions.

DWH Value

Data Warehouses are anything but inexpensive, which is why – unfortunately – so few enterprises have been able to implement them. Xentio does our best to work with new technologies, combined with our expertise, to reduce this cost significantly. The time of inexpensive enterprise DWH is here!

Service components:

BI Consulting

Our experienced consultants and analysts can help you define your Business intelligence strategy and goals; develop a BI “road-map”, and analyze and coordinate with your Business and IT requirements.

Extraction, Transform, Load

ETL is the glue that connects the data warehouse to its data sources. Our ETL consultants are highly skilled in analysis of data transformational requirements, and in the implementation of ETL solutions that are optimized to populate and update the Data Warehouse.

Report Development

Obtaining and analyzing useful data in a timely, easy-to-understand format is becoming increasingly important as a tool for analysis, management, and decision support. Xentio are experts at building cubes, report services, and web-based BI portals.

Maintenance & Support

We don’t leave you stranded, ever. Xentio can, and do, provide ongoing maintenance and support services for your product or enterprise applications. We can provide ticketing systems, service levels, and dedicated support personnel to help you every step of the way.

DWH Consulting & Development

The foundation of any business intelligence implementation is the data warehouse.  Whether it supports the entire enterprise or just a departmental solution, Xentio’s data architects and engineers can help conceptualize, design and implement your data warehouse solution.

SQL and NoSQL Databases

We have experience implementing a range of databases, from traditional SQL databases, like MSFT SQL Server, Oracle, and Teradata appliances. We also work with new, NoSQL technologies, such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and a range of others. Additionally, we’re able to implement hybrid solutions – such as MammothDB – bringing you the best of both worlds. We can develop DWH’s using the inexpensive scale of NoSQL technologies and commodity hardware with the interactive speed and industry standard ease of use of SQL.

Xentio is a valuable and reliable partner of DHL, and has supported our business and IT initiatives for almost four years, helping both create drive the development of our global data warehouse. Xentio is now an integrated supplier for our BI/DWH solution, providing ongoing updates, extensions, and support.

Pete Bandtock, DHL (VP Finance)

Before Xentio, we engaged four (4) other providers to design and develop our global data warehouse and reporting system. They all failed. Xentio came along and delivered - from start to finish. An amazing job, given the massive challenge our environment provided!

Paul Daniels, Stream Global Services (Head of BI)

A few happy customers!