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Real customers, real stories

It might sound obvious or cliche, but we love our customers. Our goal is make them, and our teams that work with them, happy. We follow a pretty simple model of “people, service, profit” – meaning if we hire great people, and we love working with our customers, then great service will naturally follow. Profit comes along afterwards – it’s what happens when everyone is happy with our teams and work!

Your guys reacted to a Saturday night emergency as if they were my own local developers - I've never expected such ownership and responsiveness! Thanks SO much!

Robert Pilotti, Akonix (P.M)

Your guys are just fantastic.I really like how fast they move, their great healthy attitude, and the quality of work they are now producing!

Thuan Pham, Uber (CTO)

Xentio is a valuable and reliable partner of DHL, and has supported our business and IT initiatives for almost four years, helping both create drive the development of our global data warehouse. Xentio is now an integrated supplier for our BI/DWH solution, providing ongoing updates, extensions, and support.

Pete Bandtock, DHL (VP Finance)

Before Xentio, we engaged four (4) other providers to design and develop our global data warehouse and reporting system. They all failed. Xentio came along and delivered - from start to finish. An amazing job, given the massive challenge our environment provided!

Paul Daniels, Stream Global Services (Head of BI)

Our values that contribute to customer care:


Why do we hire people, if we’re not going to trust them? Why do we second-guess our colleagues, or worse, audit them? Don’t we have better things to do?

Xentio is a tribe of like-minded, passionate individuals. Trust is paramount, and we refuse to mistrust each other, or our customers!


What’s trust worth if there are secrets, hidden agenda’s, or a lack of free-flowing information? Secrets and the restriction of information create artificial barriers and power structures.

Sharing and transparency is the way forward. We ban secrets and promote an open, easy environment. We’re 100% transparent with our customers.


Why do we value freedom so much in our personal lives, yet somehow often relinquish it at the work-place? Controls and restrictions only serve to hurt us; stifling creativity, expression passion, and purpose.

At Xentio, we believe that only true freedom provides a feeling of belonging, engagement, and inspiration! These qualities directly contribute to awesome customer service.

Most new customers comes from references:

Qualities we appreciate while working with customers:


We find that the closer we can integrate with customer teams, the more effective the overall development effort becomes. Frequent communication, great teamwork, and a strong sense of collaboration are a huge contributing factor to success.

Direct & honest

When we speak, it’s open, direct, and honest communication. Everyone makes mistakes, and the quicker we can identify and correct them, the better! We’re also fearless to ask questions, and admit we don’t understand something, and we appreciate understanding and easygoing straight-talk back at us.

Mutual Respect

Our people try hard to ensure the success of the project, taking great personal responsibility and a sense of self-ownership on everything we do. Our customers are amazing, and we truly value their innovation and drive, and as part of their development team, we appreciate their kind attitude in return.

Awesome Projects

Together, when our values are similar and/or respected, the result is an awesome working relationship, along with amazing productivity and innovation – this goes a long way to ensure a successful partnership and great deliverables!