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Application and product development

Outsourcing success is not just about technical competence, low cost, and “process” certificates. It’s about understanding business needs and goals; it’s about working together seamlessly in order to achieve high productivity and reduce communication overhead, and ultimately it’s about delivering exceptional results over time. Increased value comes through working with a trusted partner, pro-activity, infused creativity, having similar working cultures, and through jointly contributing and innovating. Basically; we work, act, and communicate like you do.

Product Development

Building products from scratch, or supplementing your product teams. We typically work together, deeply integrated with customer engineering, but sometimes we independently develop complete features and modules for integration into the overall product!

Enterprise Mobile

Large scale mobile development for Android and iOS applications. Our teams have delivered entire solutions which power ten’s of millions of users. Our developers are on the cutting edge of technology – even developing and integrating Bitcoin related mobile solutions!

Enterprise Applications

We’re experts at developing custom applications that power critical functions of a business, either for internal or customer requirements. Whether as an SaaS or on premises application, we’ve helped dozens of businesses develop, support, extend their enterprise solutions.

Awesome Value

Value can be subjective – but for Xentio, overall value = cost + productivity + overhead + quality + communication. Delivered consistently, over time! Working with Xentio is as close to working with your internal engineering teams as you can get.

Service components:

Flexible development

From classic “waterfall” methods to SCRUM and Agile Development methodologies, we’re ready to adapt to your preferred approach – or even suggest our own. Our teams are skilled at modern development processes, source control, and project management tools.

Maintenance & Support

We don’t leave you stranded, ever. Xentio can, and do, provide ongoing maintenance and support services for your product or enterprise applications.

Database back-end

We’re pro’s at everything database – from small MySQL instances through to enterprise data-warehousing solutions using Teradata, as well as newer NoSQL transactional and analytics db’s like Cassandra and MammothDB, Xentio has you covered!

Prototyping and MVP

We can help you kick off your entrepreneurial enterprise through initial development of a minimal viable product, which can then be iterated upon, extended, and built into a full-blown scalable solution.

Scalable web applications

We cover the complete ‘end-to-end’ development life-cycle, from design and architecture through to development and release. Often we even help assess project requirements, and identify critical needs of your project as related to your business.

Quality assurance

Our independent quality assurance teams provide a whole range of offerings: from assurance planning through to automated and manual testing solutions and services. Our teams can provide stand-alone or integrated quality assurance on all projects.

We wrote a book on outsourcing!

Outsourcing, like any long-term business relationship, isn’t always easy. Actually… it rarely is. We’ve distilled our years of expertise, lessons learned, mistakes, ideas, and thoughts into a little booklet. From contractual arrangements to team dynamics, we try to cover a range of considerations in a practical, easy to read format.

Download the book now!

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